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Patmos Information

Patmos, the island of Greek Archipelago, that became worldwide acquaintance from the Revelation of Ioannis, is a place that it distinguishes.

This particularity lies that it combines the historicity and the religiosity of space with the ideal place that offers in the visitor for relaxation and quiet vacations.

The rich history, the Byzantine tradition of many centuries, the natural environment, the traditional architecture of the settlements, the excellent microclimate, the hospitable disposal of the residents, are certain some of the reasons that travelers prefer Patmos.

Majestic but also humble Monasteries, innumerable country churches scattered in the entire island, sandy beaches and indented coastline that shapes repeated creeks, the devoutness in the sequences of Christian feasts, the unique traditional settlement of Chora that OYNESKO included with the Cave of the Apocalypse in the Monuments of World Heritage, are elements that all together compose, what the visitor conceives and is aware of as something separate and unique atmosphere.

This dowered place we have the responsibility and our efforts all they contribute to safeguard this precious elements seeking a soft growth that will not offend the physiognomy of the island.

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The Union of Tourist Family Accommodations of Rhodes - PRETOMA
Office: 69A Stratigou Zisi Str - Rhodes 85100 - Greece - Tel: +30 22410 30842

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