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Kalimnos Satellite Map
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Kalimnos Island Areas
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Kalimnos Information

Close to Kos island, Kalimnos is a small island but infamous through its large number of immigrants throughout the world.
Famous for the sponges and for the excellent Rock Climbing, it attracts more and more visitors every year.

It's paradise for the independent traveller - everything you'd expect from a Greek island holiday and much more. A place where people, a smile, a kind word still matter, where strangers fast become friends. Get to know this special island, home to sponge divers of the Aegean since the days of Ancient Greece.

Kalimnos History

The origins of the islanders of Kalymnos are lost in the mists of time but we do know that in about the 2nd millennium B.C. the Phoenicians conquered and colonized.

Evidence of the island’s prosperity in these ancient times are ruins at Emporios in the north and Vathi at the east.
Later, Kalymnos was occupied by the Persians, the Geonese, the Knights of St John and the Ottoman Turks. In 1912 the Italians took control until nearly the end of the Second World War.

Kalymnos was finally liberated on 31st March 1947 and, along with the rest of the Dodecanese Islands, was incorporated into the Greek State in 1948
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