GENADI of Rhodos
Gennadi, built near the sea, is a surprising village, as at first glance it seems to be a tourist resort, it has however kept its old glory with the well-preserved houses in narrow streets. Characteristic of the architecture of the houses are the tall exterior walls that as it appears were very useful in the past during the pirate raids.

Gennadi’s greatest jewel is the exceptional beauty of its never-ending beach. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the crystal clear sea at all hours.

Walking through the village, one can see the Police Station, an Italian building with a special architectural rhythm, the Olive press and the church of Saint Ioannis the Theologian (19th century).
The church of Saint Anastasia the Roman (12th century) is built on top of the ruins of an older church that used to be named “Temple of Resurrection”. Today it’s the village’s cemetery.
Gennadi has endless beaches with exceptional beauty that give visitors the chance to enjoy the clean and clear sea. A very special moment at the beach in Gennadi is the sunrise.

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