LAHANIA of Rhodos
Lachania is found on the way from Gennadi to Kattavia, a few kilometers in the hinterland. A picturesque village with well preserved houses of traditional architecture. The small square with the church of Saint George (19th century), the big plane-tree and the white houses round the square resemble a folksy drawing. Near the square is where the old Olive press is located. The “Magana”, which has been renovated, functions as a Cultural Center and is a place of expression for local and foreigner artists. As you enter the village there is a windmill which testifies to the old rural tradition of Lachania.
A visitor can find a lot of tabernacles, such as “Zoodochos Pigi” (18th -19th century), in the area “Plimmiri”, built on an older Roman building. Recent excavations in the region brought up important archaeological discoveries.

There are many small churches scattered throughout the countryside that are worth visiting:
Monastery of Virgin Zoodochos Pigi (18th –19th century) in Plimmiri. Built over the ruins of a roman building
Saint John the Precursor (19th century)
Saint Irene (16th century)(cemetery)
Saint Luke (19th century)
Saint George (19th century)

Beaches of unique beauty are near the village. On the left side of the street, from Lachania to Kattavia, there is Plimmiri beach, a natural bay and an area of ecological importance, that is submerged by wetlands and dunes with hydrophilous flora. The area is described as a place of reproduction of the marine turtle Caretta-Caretta. 4.5 kilometers of beach are free from any building activity and have a limited number of visitors.

*(source: Municipality of South Rhodes)

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