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Lindos is a village with thousands of years of history since its already known from archaic years and was one of the three Dorik cities of the island, the only one that continued to prosper even after the founding of the new settlement of the City of Rhodes on 408 bc.
Famous throughout the ancient world, was the sanctuary of Lindian Athina, whose ruins exist even today on the beautiful ancient acropolis of the village.

The settlement is characterised as preservable and is kept unchanged since the era of the rich lindian boat owners of the 15th century.
The residents due to the unfertile land, from the ancient times were concentrated on the sea, and were great sea masters. Now the main occupation is tourism.

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Erato Apartments
The Erato Apartments are to be found in Lindos, one of the most
important archaeological sites in Greece, on the beautiful island of Rhodes.
The island is known worldwide for its natural beauty and its rich architectural wealth.

The Apartments belong to a renovated town house situated among the little narrow streets called "Kalderimia". It is to be found right into the heart of the village and in walking distance to the path leading to St.Paul's Bay with its stunning views and the ancient Amphitheatre.
The interior and the rooms have all the features of a typical house of Lindos: a) the large internal courtyard, b) the elongated living room, c) the sofa bed and the characteristic pebbled floor.
The terrace offers breathtaking views of the Acropolis and the sea, only 150 m. away.

The Erato Apartments can accommodate a total of 15 people, in two 4 bed
apartments, one 3bed studio, one double studio and one double apartment.

The apartments and studios have got a separate kitchen and a private bathroom.
All are air-conditioned during summer months and heating is provided in winter.

The cost of the double apartment during High Season (Jul 15-Aug 31) is 55 euros per night. Cleaning, air-conditioning and taxes are included.

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